Bamboo, Toothbrushes, and the Ocean?

Hey Everyone! We’re pretty excited about our newest campaign: No Waste!

You've probably seen the new products on our Instagram and Facebook pages, but we wanted to slow down here a second and explain how No waste fits into the BabeNatural criteria and model.

While not explicitly organic, the main goal behind the no waste collection is to offer products made of natural materials—mainly bamboo—in the name of offsetting our plastic waste footprint.

Here’s why.

Right now in the Atlantic Ocean, there exists 6x as much plastic waste as plankton.

Plankton make oxygen, plastics kill sea life.

The main reason for this insane statistic is unhealthy consumerism. Around the world, consumers use about 1 million plastic bags—that’s just bags not including other plastic waste—every MINUTE.

We can try to recycle all we want but the sheer volume is far too vast to manage.

And forget only bags, there is roughly 5.25 million pieces of plastic in ocean waters worldwide, that’s about 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile of ocean.

And, that’s correlated to the death of around 100,000 marine creatures each year, and over 1 million sea faring birds.

It’s okay if you don’t have a soft spot for animals, but this artificial imbalance in the global ecosystem is touching human lives. First, there are over 200 dead zones in the world’s oceans in which life can no longer exist. And, in the places where it does exist the plastic waste is ubiquitous, sailors often citing it’s the number one man made object they see in the ocean.

But here’s the kicker, two-thirds of our wild caught fish stock are infected with plastic waste. That means, if you are eating fish, there’s a good chance you’re also ingesting their exposure to plastic pollution.

Now this might not be a major problem for us in the US, we’ll just stick to meat and potatoes we say. But what about our neighbors on poor coastal cities across the globe for whom such selection is not afforded?

We weren’t originally planning on creating a whole line of no waste products, but this phenomenon has been a growing interest of mine lately. When I saw that some of my vendors were selling products that fit the no waste description I could’t resist the urge to join in and share with you all.

You’ll notice that the products we have in the lineup so far are mainly comprised of bamboo. We love bamboo! 

Believe it or not, this plant is the fastest growing on the planet, making it one of the most sustainably soured natural materials on the market.

So when you choose bamboo, you’re choosing a natural and sustainable material. And when you replace bamboo with plastic you are offsetting your contribution to the 5.25 million pieces of plastic waste problem in the ocean.

And thus, the Bamboo Toothbrush!

It so perfectly fits our mission and embodies our identity as a business that we knew it deserved special attention.

To boot, these products right now are some of the most affordable in our already heavily discounted store. For no more than you would pay for a regular toothbrush at your local CVS, you can get a sustainable, eco-friendly product from BabeNatural. We even have some incredibly cute family packs that you’ll love.

You can literally save the world by just brushing your teeth.

I think that makes you a superhero?

So here’s to your new bamboo fad, and helping change the way we shop, one step at a time.



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