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Thank you for visiting BabeNatural!

My name is Crystal Swanson and I run this store with my family, mainly my husband Rich and older son Dominick. We currently call Colorado our home, and includes our 3 younger sons and our two old dogs, Maya and Sasha. We actually acquired this store last year but with the surprise new addition of our youngest son (FOUR BOYS in total now) and the subsequent bed rest involved, we didn't get to put a lot of effort into it at first. But now it's 2019 and we're starting fresh.

BabeNatural was first started by another small family in Oklahoma with the goal of creating community around a simple, but powerful idea: the way we shop in this country has huge effects all over the world. Like them, our family began learning about how production of various everyday things affect our bodies and our environment. So we started taking steps to be more conscious about what we eat, buy, and use, in order to not contribute to the challenges facing our world.

We haven't always cared so much about our shopping habits. But each time our family has grown, we've made new changes to our habits and lifestyle to help them become global citizens. If you're interested we plan to share more of our family's story in the blog.


Along with, hopefully, educating you about the available choices, we want to provide good products from creators that care also about these things. So now you'll find majority of our products are handmade in the US(with very few from other countries), "eco-friendly", and from brands that also share their proceeds with various organizations focused on bettering our society.

On BabeNatural, you will find an assortment of organic, natural, and eco-friendly products from a varied selection of small single/family-owned business brands (families like yours and mine). Most of our products are also handmade in the US and you won't find them on Amazon! (we can't compete with them, lol!). We've also chosen our selection based on small companies that also give back to their communities or give to organizations that help better our environment.

Our product selection and our affiliates will continue to grow and improve. And we hope you'll find exactly what you need and new products to enjoy.

We want your experience to be enjoyable and maybe a little educational as well, while still being affordable, beautiful, and environmentally conscious.